Anna R?ntil?, Supervisor of the Sales Team at Hotel Vanajanlinna

``With Pipechimp we can contact people who are interested in our services right now``

Anna R?ntil?, Supervisor of the Sales Team at Hotel Vanajanlinna

``With Pipechimp we can contact people who are interested in our services right now``


1. Pipechimp copies your contacts to Mailchimp


Pipechimp copies your Pipedrive contacts to MailChimp. It also copies your custom fields data along with some basic data of the contact. See more here


You will have your contacts automatically in MailChimp ready to send campaigns. With custom fields, you can segment your campaign to a certain group of contacts, or you can personalize your message. Pipechimp also adds contact’s Pipedrive ID to MailChimp to synchronize contacts action back to Pipedrive to a right contact person.

2. Pipechimp monitors changes in your Pipedrive and synchronizes the data to MailChimp


Pipechimp monitors added and updated contacts in Pipedrive and ads/updates them to MailChimp.


You will always have up to date information in MailChimp for your marketing campaigns. Every time someone adds a contact or changes the information in Pipedrive, it will be updated to MailChimp. Please see the next section to see how you can use that info to segment your emails.

3. Send and segment your newsletters from MailChimp


You can send campaigns to your Pipedrive contacts as you normally do, but your can also use your custom field data to segment your campaigns.


For example, you could have custom fields of client status, business area or “do not contact” in Pipedrive. So when a Pipedrive user changes contact’s info, you can be sure to send your campaigns to right persons or not to send if they don’t want to have marketing mail.

4. Pipechimp monitors contacts' activities in MailChimp


Pipechimp monitors campaigns and actions in MailChimp and acts according to your Pipechimp settings.


In sales, it is important to act as soon as possible when your contact has shown their interest. Going through MailChimp reports manually takes time and many times sales person’s doesn’t even have access to MailChimp and information of contact’s activities needs to be sent to them by someone else and important selling moment can be missed. That’s why Pipechimp is doing the routine task for you.

5. Pipechimp creates notes form activities to Pipedrive (optional)


Pipechimp adds notes about sent campaigns, opens, unsubscription and clicks to a person. Notes also include the link to view the campaign content, and links to the pages contact visited from your email.


When contacting a person, you can see how active they have been and what interests them. With that information, you can ask and talk about right things with your contact.

6. Pipechimp creates deals from contacts' clicks (optional)


Pipechimp will add a deal to contact’s owner default pipeline’s first stage.


Clicking through to read more information from your website is a very strong indication of interest and that person fills the definition of a warm lead. (Knows your company, knows your offering and has shown interest) By calling your Pipechimp leads, you can concentrate on those who are interested right now. In our own project sales, we have noticed that calling to Pipechimp leads is at least four times more effective than cold calling.


  • $6
  • Personal

  • /month (or $60/year)
    • Current version
    • Syncs all my Pipedrive contacts
    • Syncs to single MailChimp list
    • Syncs up to 30 first person fields
    • Creates notes to contact persons
    • Creates deals from clicks
    • Sync cycle once/2h*
    • 14-day free trial

* ?Sync cycle of Personal plan is once/15minutes
All plans need Pipedrive and MailChimp accounts to work.


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