Here are some questions that are frequently asked from us. If you can?t find the answer that you are looking for in here, please take a look at our Support page.

Do I need a credit card for my free trial?

You don?t need a credit card for your 14 days free trial.

When your free period is about to end we?ll send you an email to remind you to activate your account. Payments are handled securely via Paypal.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

After you have made the subscription there will be a cancel button in your Billing settings page. When you cancel your subscription it will run until the end of the paid period and will end after that. If you cancel your subscription during an ongoing payment period the payment you have already made won?t be refunded.

If you want to stop the transfer of your data to Pipedrive or to Mailchimp, just delete an API Key and save settings. No more data will be transferred.

Is the Silver Pipedrive account and free MailChimp account enough for Pipechimp integration?

Yes, Silver Pipedrive account and free MailChimp account are enough.

Pipechimp also copies subscriber actions to Pipedrive from MailChimp automation campaigns. To activate automation features from MailChimp you need a payed MailChimp plan.

What Pipedrive fields are copied to MailChimp as Merge fields?

Pipechimp automatically ads most of Pipedrive Custom Fields as Merge Fields to MailChimp. Copied fields are filtered by the field type. Copied types are:

Multiple options
Single option
These field types are selected because they can easily be used to segment MailChimp campaigns.

Pipechimp will also add next basic information fields to MailChimp:

Email (Compulsory)
First Name
Last Name
Person Id
Company Id
Company name
Owner Id
Owner name
Owner email
Open deals
Next activity date
Last activity date
Won deals (number)
Lost deals (number)
Closed deals (number)
Total activities (number)
Done activities (number)
Activities to do (Number)
Email messages Count
Last email received (date)
Last email sent (date)
Person active flag (?true? if person is active, ?false? if person is deleted in Pipedrive)

NOTE! Please don?t delete or edit the fields or data. It might affect the integration. Pipedrive is so called Data master and data in Pipedrive will override any changes made to MailChimp.

NOTE2! MailChimp limits field count to 30. Any fields over that count won?t be added to MailChimp.

Which contact persons will be copied from Pipedrive to MailChimp?

Pipedrive API Key is personal so active contact persons owned by the owner of the API key is copied to MailChimp. Email is a compulsory field in MailChimp so contact persons without a valid email are not copied.

If you don?t want all contact persons to be copied you can change Pipedrive ownership to a person who don?t have an active Pipechimp account / integration. You can use contact persons data to segment / limit Your MailChimp campaigns.

How often will data between Pipedrive and MailChimp be transferred?

Pipechimp runs within every few minutes depending on the load and amount of copied contact persons. Pipechimp won?t run again if the last run is still going on. You can see the estimation of the next runs time from your Pipechimp accounts Integration run screen.

After the first run contact people from Pipedrive to MailChimp are updated or added when people are added or modified in Pipedrive.

Information from MailChimp to Pipedrive is added when a campaign has been sent or a contact person has reacted to a campaign.

Which of my data are your saving and is my data secure?

We only store your user data and data needed for integration: Name, Email and Password (encrypted), Company Name, Company address, Country, VAT number, Mailchimp API Key, Mailchimp List and Pipedrive API Key. Our service also collects some anonymized metadata, like contact count, and deal count and value created by our service. In case of an error in the integration run, we will also save an error log that you can see from your Pipechimp accounts Integration run screen.

We won?t store any of your business data. We just copy it between Pipedrive and Mailchimp.

Payments are handled via Paypal, so we don?t store your credit card info either.

Our service runs on secure Amazon AWS cloud, and our user interface is secured with SSL (https).

Notes and deals are not created to Pipedrive. What could be the reason?

One possible reason is that you are not the owner of the contacts in Pipedrive. Current Pipechimp version syncs only the contacts whose owner you are.

Does Pipechimp create notes and deals from automated emails?

No, Pipechimp doesn?t create notes or deals from automated emails. MailChimp doesn?t report the automated emails activities from the same API than regular campaigns are reported.

Here is how Pipechimp works with different campaign types:

Notes created from sent campaign emails and opened emails (depends on Integration Settings)
Deals created from clicked links in campaign email (depends on Integration Settings)
Notes created from sent emails
No notes from opened emails
No deals created from clicked links
Notes created from sent campaigns
?Opened? notes created when link has been clicked from campaign email
Deals created from clicked links
A/B Test
Notes created from sent campaigns
No notes from opened emails
No deals from clicks