Here you can see step by step instructions how to install Pipechimp from Pipedrive Marketplace.

(You can open each step by clicking the + sign)

1. Find Pipechimp from Pipedrive Marketplace

Go to Pipedrive settings -> Apps & integrations -> Go to the Marketplace, find Pipechimp and click it.

2. Install Pipechimp

Click Install now -button and then allow Pipechimp to access the data needed for synchronization by clicking Allow and install -button. Pipedrive and Pipechimp will automatically form a secure integration for you.

3. Set Mailchimp API key

Login to your MailChimp account -> Account -> Extras -> API Keys. You can use any existing API Keys or you can create a new one.

If you don?t have an access to your MailChimp, ask a key from your marketing people.

If you have multiple Pipechimp accounts in your company everybody can use the same MailChimp API key.

Copy the API Key and paste it to Pipechimp -> API Settings, MailChimp API Key field

Pipechimp verifies your API Key and fetches your MailChimp lists.

Then select the list that you want your Pipedrive contact persons to be copied to.

We propose you use an empty list because Pipechimp automatically generates new Merge fields from Pipedrive custom fields to the lists.

If you have multiple Pipechimp accounts in your company everybody can use the same list. You can use Pipedrive owner to segment your campaigns. Pipechimp will also create feedback (new notes and deals) to owners Pipedrive.

4. Select Mailchimp to Pipedrive actions

You are almost there. Now you can set up the information that will be added back to Pipedrive from MailChimp.

Go to Pipechimp?s Integration Settings screen. There are two checkboxes.

When the first one is checked Pipechimp will add notes to the contact person when campaigns have been sent and if the contact person opens email or clicks from campaign. A note will also be added if the contact person unsubscribes from your MailChimp list.

When the second one is checked Pipechimp will create a new deal to your Pipedrive when a contact person clicks a link from a newsletter or marketing email. You will also see from which campaign and what link the contact person has clicked so when you contact that person you?ll know what they are interested in.

You are good to go