Why Pipechimp?

People often ask me why we created Pipechimp.

Well, originally we built it for ourselves as a sales tool. So the short answer is, ?we can sell more and grow faster with it.

When we discovered how much it effected to our sales, we thought that maybe there are some other companies that would like to use it too. Then we decided to develop our tailored Pipedrive-MailChimp integration to a cloud service called Pipechimp.

If you bear with me, I’ll dig a little bit deeper into this matter, and the benefits Pipechimp brings to sales.

Solution selling

Our main business so far has been ICT related business consulting, Implementing and integrating cloud services and building tailored web and mobile applications. Sales of those services are typical solution selling, meaning that they need human to human contact and an expert to sell them.

Inbound is important but expensive and inefficient

We are using inbound marketing with Google AdWords and social media of course, but it was not enough for us. We want to grow fast, and inbound doesn’t give us enough leads. Some of course, but not enough to keep our sales busy.

Did you know that on average only 2,38 % of website visitors fill in a contact form? In our case, it’s even less, little under 2 %.

It is quite expensive too. We pay about 2,5 ?/click in AdWords, so every known lead that contacts us costs 125 ?. That’s about $148 or ?111 per lead. To get enough leads we would need to spend 6 250 ? ($7 400 or ?5 550) per week per one salesperson.

What about the 98 % of visitors? If there are that 2 % active leads, there must be ten times more warm leads that know your business and offering and they are interested in buying but don’t take action to contact you.

We want to be proactive

You need to get proactive to contact that 20%. That’s called outbound. But who they are? Who do you call? With IP tracking tool you might figure out the company they are working for, but as a salesperson, I want to know the exact person to call.

In general, outbound is done by cold calling, and we have done that too. With cold calling, you can find those who are interested, but it is an inefficient, slow and expensive way to make sales. Only one out of twenty people are interested in you, but you have to call all of them telling them about your company and your offering. It is frustrating to the people who are not interested and to you as a salesperson, and it wastes a wast majority of your time.

So the original question we started to figure out was:

How can I call only to those people who are interested in our offering?

I know that many of you are thinking that email marketing is the obvious answer to that question and you’re right. We started to use MailChimp. Newsletters and marketing emails are a great way to tell about your company and offering to existing and potential clients. If they are interested enough, they will click forward to your website to read more. From click reports, you can see who are the interested individuals, and you can call them if they don’t contact you first. Great!

The next thing we noticed was that a warm lead cools down in two days, and the quicker you contact them, the better is the response. We are talking about minutes, hours at the most. We also wanted to be sure that every warm lead gets contacted. Going through click reports on multiple sales person situation was too slow and too vague to get the best possible outcome from our email marketing.

How to make your email marketing more efficient?

We love to use Pipedrive as our sales management tool, so the next question was how do we get leads to the Pipedrive as fast as possible. As an answer to that, we built Pipechimp. Now the warm leads appear automatically to our pipelines within minutes after they clicked, and you can contact them immediately. Thanks to Pipedrives great mobile app you can contact them even on the road. From the notes PipeChimp adds to the deal you can see which kind of email your lead reacted to and what topic they were interested in. It makes it much easier to call them and to start a conversation. Remember they already know you. You don’t need to start with an introduction pitch.

What are the benefits that Pipechimp have given to our sales?

We have measured that we need ten times fewer sales calls per one closed deal. We can use four times bigger percentage of our working hours to actual sales instead of trying to contact and convert cold leads to warm leads. It means that we can sell four times more with same resources.

We have found answers how to contact only warm leads and how to deliver them fast directly to a sales person?s pipeline. This has improved our sales process dramatically.

Are you asking the same questions? Do you want to grow your business? Why don?t you try Pipechimp? It?s free for 14 days and can be set up within a few minutes easily.

Pekka Poukkula
CEO @ Pipechimp / BonusEurope O?, Business Architect @ Let's do !T

Pekka has more than 20 years' experience in the development of the business and the information systems that support it, as well as in leading business development projects. He has worked as an entrepreneur for most of his career, but also has experience in a global corporation. He has had customers from micro-enterprises to groups worth billions. Pekka's specialist areas are the development of proactive selling and productivity (the order-production-delivery chain) and measuring and managing these with the aid of streamlined digitalized processes.

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