5 tips for more successful solution selling

I’m writing these tips based on my 20 years of experience in solution selling. During those years I have personally closed deals worth over 30 M?, and I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to build, coach and lead several sales teams.

I don’t want to hide the fact that with this blog post I want to state that with Pipedrive + Pipechimp + MailChimp combination you will get the tools to achieve these five tips to be more successful. That’s because initially, I designed Pipechimp as a tool for our sales process to get these things done.

..but to the tips.

1. Get proactive

Businesses are different, and in many cases, we have built fully automatical and digital web stores for our clients. What I’m writing now is about more complex selling done by experts with a human to human contact.

Inbound marketing is the new black in sales, but that’s not quite proactive. I’m not saying that this more advanced form of classical “dynamic waiting” sales style is unnecessary. We are using that our selves and implementing that for our clients too because it has its important role.

What I’m saying is that if you really want to achieve more ambitious sales goals, you have to get proactive. You need to get the client online or meet them face to face. It also needs to be a well scheduled ongoing process to bring great results.

2. Contact only those who are interested just now

The downside of proactive selling is that it is quite expensive. Making those dozens of cold calls to persons who are not interested is frustrating to both parties, and it is very time-consuming too. On the other hand, the most satisfying part of my job is talking and resolving challenges of persons who are interested and can be helped with our offering. Only seeing satisfied customer after successful project overcomes that pleasure.

How can I call only to those persons who are interested then?

This is the main question I have been searching answer for over 15 years. Definition of warm lead is that person knows your company and offering and have shown interest. Pipechimp lead automation is designed to give you just that. By reading your newsletters your client/prospect knows your company and offering, and by clicking on your website to read more, they show that they are interested. Pipechimp creates deals straight to your Pipedrive pipeline from those clicks so you can use your valuable time calling only to those who are interested.

In our sales, calling to Pipechimp leads have been at least four times more efficient than cold calling.

3. Act fast

In our studies and experience, a warm lead cools down in two days. The quicker you are contacting them, the better response you’ll get. After two days on average, people don’t remember that they have clicked on your website nor what they have read from there. That doesn’t mean that it is a lost case, but you have lost the advantage of warm lead, and you need to start from scratch.

By calling them as soon as possible when they have visited your site, you don’t have to give a full sales pitch, but you can go straight to your customer’s needs. After all, they already know where are you calling from and what you are offering.

Pipechimp helps you to achieve that by constantly monitoring your MailChimp campaigns and adding leads to your Pipedrive pipeline as soon as they happen.

4. Start discussion on the right topic

The old saying that salespersons have two ears and one mouth and they should use them in the same proportion is very true. So listening is important. The main thing what separates top salespersons from the rest is that they ask more right questions. It helps you build an understanding of your client’s challenges so that you can resolve them with your products and services. With that understanding, you can even add some 3.rd party components to your package to offer optimal combination to your client. That’s solution selling in it’s purest form. Even if the offering stays exactly the same every time, presenting it from the perspective of client’s unique needs, raises the conversion to win deals.

Pipechimp adds a note to the person and to the deal it creates. There you can see what kind of email they received and what links they have clicked. Let say that you have five different topics in your newsletter. Seeing what link your client have clicked gives you an opportunity to start a discussion right on the topic your client is interested right now. After a good start, it is easier for you to use your professional skills to find the right solution and reasoning for each case.

5. Track your sales activities

I love Pipedrive. During my years I have implemented about dozen different CRM-systems for my teams and also for my clients. Pipedrive is by far the best system I have used. We were already using Pipedrive before we decided to build Pipechimp on top of it.

What makes Pipedrive so good is the fact that it is activity centric tool build by salespersons for salespersons. It helps you to keep track on your day to day operations. Pipedrive is very strong in longer and more complex sales cases when you build a solution for client possibly months, and you need to remember details and communication with many participants. Pipedrive is a great tool for that. Also with scheduled activities, you remember to make every task and step you have promised to make. That builds trust between you and your client and you are that much closer to close a deal.

Keep on track with your details and activities is even more important when you run ongoing prospecting and lead automation process. You will have many cases going on at the same time, and very few people can remember every detail of every case. Nevertheless, to get excellent sales result, you need to get your clients to feel that they are special and you are interested in their needs. Personally, I have 20-40 ongoing sales cases at any given moment, and I can’t remember every detail of them. With Pipedrive I can get back on track within few seconds with my notes, emails, and activities found in one place.

If you are new to Pipedrive and want to have 30-day free trial of Pipedrive, you can get a promo code?here

You can also contact our experts about Pipedrive, lead automation or the digitalization of your sales process?here?or?read our client’s Vanajanlinna case story here.


That’s my secret to successful sales. What’s yours? please feel free to comment.

Pekka Poukkula
CEO @ Pipechimp / BonusEurope O?, Business Architect @ Let's do !T

Pekka has more than 20 years' experience in the development of the business and the information systems that support it, as well as in leading business development projects. He has worked as an entrepreneur for most of his career, but also has experience in a global corporation. He has had customers from micro-enterprises to groups worth billions. Pekka's specialist areas are the development of proactive selling and productivity (the order-production-delivery chain) and measuring and managing these with the aid of streamlined digitalized processes.

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