Lead automation quadrupled the efficiency of new customer acquisition

We use lead automation in our own project solution sales, and I am now writing about how it quadrupled the efficiency of our project sales. Lead automation consists of three parts: the Pipedrive CRM software, MailChimp service, and the Pipechimp automation which integrates the data between the two.

Pipechimp is available on this site and in the Pipedrive Marketplace. Pipechimp was one of the first services to be published on the Pipedrive Marketplace and you can read an article about the publication here. If you wish, you can also read the story of the birth of Pipechimp here.

The sales process and content are the most important areas for success

When launching a digital sales process, and in particular for content production, there is a need for experience and expertise. Messages should be interesting to the customers and well-structured, so that they firstly hit the spot, and secondly, get opened and assist with identifying the interested customers.

As is the case with other types of marketing, repetition is key in lead automation. Messaging must, however, not be annoyingly dense and pushy messages don’t work as well as those which are informative and provide interesting reading.

According to our analysis, people are, on average, only reacting after the third message, when the messaging company starts feeling somewhat familiar. The appropriate newsletter interval is approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the industry and the market. This is called nurturing, that is, warming the leads.

The leads, however, tend to cool down quite quickly. The contacting should preferably take place within hours, rather than within days of the expression of interest. This places its own demands on the process.

For us, this first contact has been handled by our diginative Minttu. She makes the first call and qualifies the lead. She then transfers the customer to me or my business partner Teemu for further processing.

The quick processing of leads is also a determining factor in the number of recipients you message and with what kind of an interval messages are forwarded. Mass mailings simply just don’t do the job.

Sales efficiency increased fourfold

Like I mentioned, we use this automation in our own sales process and it has proven, according to our statistics, four times as efficient as cold calling.

The efficiency starts with avoiding having to waste the customer’s valuable time by presenting the company, but the most significant fact is, that the customer we are reaching out to already has expressed some degree of interest in our business.

In our case, the lead automation has not only effectivized the acquisition of new customers, but has also enabled it. We ourselves are involved in implementing our projects as consultants and project leaders, and simply don’t have time for making cold calls.

Calling all the number in the phone book would also be economically unsustainable. Even if our customer projects lead to long-lasting customer relationships, the cost of the expensive sales process would need to be incorporated in the assignment rates, which in turn would be reflected in the bid success rate.

By using lead automation, we are able to demonstrate our abilities to our customers at more reasonable overhead costs.

Lead automation also generates sales volumes. We have during a couple of months, between the three members of our sales team, talked to people at approx.300 organizations. None of which knew us from before. And all this without making a single cold call.

How have customers reacted to automation?

This is a frequent question. It is feared that customers feel “stalked”. It has even been a bit of a surprise to find how much positive feedback we have received regarding our approach. The customers have liked having some advance information about the company they are contacted by. We have even had cases where our fresh approach has been the reason for the customer accepting us.

We have also received a few angry responses to e-mails, but will respond to these with polite apologies and our system makes sure that we do not bother them again in the future. Whoever would want to forcibly impose their services? Doing business with interested customers is considerably more rewarding.

How do you proceed?

If you already are using the Pipedrive and Mailchimp services, you can combine them by installing Pipechimp from Pipedrive Marketplace. ?It’s free for 14 days!

The instructions for the integration can be found here. It’s easy and can be accomplished in minutes.

If you are new to Pipedrive and want to have 30-day free trial of Pipedrive, you can get a promo code here

If you don’t want to or have the time to acquire and study the needed components online, we will be happy to help you with the installation. If you would like technical help with the implementation, you can contact our support by clicking the support tab in the upper left corner on this page or going to our?support center.

If you would like consulting with Pipedrive, lead automation or the digitalization of your sales process, you can contact our experts here

Pekka Poukkula
CEO @ Pipechimp / BonusEurope O?, Business Architect @ Let's do !T

Pekka has more than 20 years' experience in the development of the business and the information systems that support it, as well as in leading business development projects. He has worked as an entrepreneur for most of his career, but also has experience in a global corporation. He has had customers from micro-enterprises to groups worth billions. Pekka's specialist areas are the development of proactive selling and productivity (the order-production-delivery chain) and measuring and managing these with the aid of streamlined digitalized processes.

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